Breast Augmentation Thailand with Dr. Kasemsak – Emily’s review

Thinking of a breast augmentation in Thailand ? Here is my story and my experience having plastic surgery in Thailand.

I always said to my mother that one day I would do something about what I considered to be my funny shaped little boobs. I would constantly wear a padded push up bra to hide the fact that they were small, flat and what there was, just pointed to the ground. I am average in size being a 10-12, but definitely under average in the breast department. As my mother knows, I am very head strong and independent, so it came as no surprise to her when I announced out of the blue that I was booked in for breast surgery in Thailand. I desperately wanted a pair of breasts that would make me feel amazing.


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It is now a matter of paying my breasts off, instead of a new car! My partner of three years has a car loan; I already have a car, which is adequate for what I want. I did not feel that I needed to upgrade it, so I decided to take out a loan to get my breast augmentation done. I did pull in the ropes on my spending to save as much as I could, so that I would have some spending money. This meant taking lunches to work and no more clothes or shoe shopping workouts with girlfriends. But it was no real hardship, even when we didn’t go out for dinner or drinks quite as often as we used to.

I found out about Destination Beauty through some girlfriends who had already used them. It was very much a “word of mouth” discovery for me. I then researched Destination Beauty and a few others, on line. For some reason, I felt inclined to trust Destination Beauty and sent off for a free evaluation. It never occurred to me to be worried about the fact that I had never been overseas, nor had ever undergone surgery of any type at all. The only thing I was really concerned about was the cost factor. In Australia it would cost me about eleven thousand dollars to have my breasts enlarged, whereas with Destination Beauty, it would amount to only 3.399 dollars (THB 99,000) and two thousand dollars for flights and accommodation for both myself and my partner. Plus, the bonus of having a holiday at the same time, was a huge reason not to think about anything else at that point.

Emily with Dr. Kasemsak her breast augmentation surgeon

Destination Beauty got back to me straight away. I did feel funny sending photographs of my naked body off into cyber space but even that, I got over very quickly. When I told my mother about it, she was quite happy for me to go ahead with it, once I explained and walked her through the procedure that I would undergo.

The fact that I was taking my partner with me, also put aside any fears she may have had for me, as she didn’t want to think that I would be in pain, overseas and alone. I guess, very much a typical mother’s reaction considering I am only 20 years old.

Once we were at the airport I did suffer a case of butterflies in my stomach and then I couldn’t believe it when I got sick on the plane. It was all a case of nerves or maybe airplane sickness. We were met at the Bangkok airport by the driver from Destination Beauty and drove straight to the hotel to check in. I didn’t go on a group tour that Destination Beauty organise, but it just so happened that there was a group of girls checking into the hotel at the same time that had been on the same plane as us. So it was good in that way, because we didn’t feel isolated at all, now that we knew other people. My surgery wasn’t going to happen until the day after, so I dragged my boyfriend around the Bangkok shops for a day, not that he minded as he also did some shopping.

Promptly at 10am the following morning, I met Dr. Kasemsak at the consultation we discussed about the breast implant sizes, my expectations and possible complications. The surgery was scheduled for 6pm and it was more a bother not being able to eat during this time. But then again, I was getting a little bit nervous about what would happen. The nurses and Dr. Kasemsak¬†were amazing and so caring that I knew everything would be ok. I actually woke up feeling very cold and crying like a baby, but it was just an emotional after affect of the anesthetic. The nurses all ran around to get warm foil blankets for me and were so caring that I couldn’t believe it. I quickly calmed down once I was feeling all warm and toasty and my partner was with me. There was no pain at this point, just a heavy and tight feeling in my breasts. I stayed in the hospital overnight with my partner sleeping on the lounge beside my bed looking after me, which was comforting.

breast augmentation thailand after

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Facts about Emily’s breast augmentation Thailand¬†surgery:

Implant size: 385cc Silimed silicone breast implants

Incision: breast crease incision

Cost of Breast implant surgery: THB 99,000 / approx $3399 Click here to see plastic surgery thailand cost

Nights admitted: 1 night in hospital

Surgeon: Dr. Kasemsak, Board Certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Before/After cup size: Before Size B / After Size E

Day 1 in the hotel was spent in recovery mode, munching on snacks and watching movies. By this time my partner had gone out in sympathy and was feeling sick. I put it down to a typical male reaction to not being the center of attention. By day 2 after the surgery, I was in a bit of pain but it was more of an uncomfortable sensation, especially when I was massaging my breasts as I had been shown to do to stretch the skin. This did not stop us from doing quite a few touristy things such as going to the floating markets. We actually had ten days in Bangkok in total, so by the time we came back we had really had our Thai holiday as planned. Coming home on the plane I swallowed sleeping tablets and slept the whole way. We were lucky as the plane was quite empty and I ended up having a whole row to myself to stretch out on.

I now look in the mirror and love my new assets. I have had to flash them at not only my mother, but many of my girlfriends as well. It has been five months since I had the surgery in Thailand and my breasts have dropped into place perfectly and look amazing. So each time I make a payment on my loan, I have a big smile on my face. Would I recommend you to have breast implants in Thailand ? Absolutely!

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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.