Cosmetic surgery in Thailand; whether it was the fact that I was involved with a younger man and I am a tad past the 45 mark, or if it was as a consequence of always hating my breasts to the point of hiding them by the way I dressed. One was bigger than the other and I thought they looked like empty sacks hanging too low.  I am not quite sure which was the determining factor.

Sharon after her cosmetic surgery cosmetic surgery in thailand

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

In a nutshell, I was very unhappy at my own reflection in the mirror. I am a single mum to two girls in their teens and work full time in sales. The funny thing is that my work takes me into many cosmetic surgeries in Perth Australia, so I was no stranger whatsoever to the world of cosmetic surgery and the benefits of a “touch up”. All I ever saw when I looked in a mirror was a tired and dull face peering back at me and I thought that it was time for a “freshen” up. I had tried using Botox and fillers but it only had short-term benefits and was costly every time I went for a session, but the face lift issue was a bit on the back burner as fixing my breasts was more important to me. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BROCHURE

I have an impulsive personality with a hyper active attitude that has not failed me to-date, so I booked Destination Beauty with complete confidence.  Two of my friends had recently had breast surgery in Thailand with Destination Beauty and as they were completely happy with their results, I did not bother looking at any other companies for surgery in Thailand.  After telling one of my friends that I was thinking of having breast augmentation done, she suggested that if I was so over getting Botox and being unhappy with the results, I should get a facelift done at the same time.  In my usual fashion, I thought, “Why not?”

Breast Augmentation before / afters

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Facelift before / afters

sharon before after facelift

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Facts about Sharon’s Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand

Cosmetic/plastic surgeon: Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Narongdej

Which cosmetic surgeries did Sharon have ? Breast augmentation with 375cc under muscle, facelift and lower eyelid surgery

Cost of the cosmetic surgeries: THB 336,000 approx AUD $12749 / NZD $13,669 CLICK HERE TO SEE COSMETIC SURGERY THAILAND PRICES CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BROCHURE

I did research Dr. Narongdej on-line and was most impressed with the number of cosmetic surgeries he has to his credit, so it was not an “off the cuff” decision totally. I also read some of the testimonials on the Destination Beauty’s website which reflected other women’s experiences. Time off work was not an issue as I had holidays owing to me, but the cost factor definitely played a part in my decision to have breast augmentation surgery in Thailand.

I ended up getting a bank loan to finance the surgery; in a way it was an investment in myself.  I have traveled overseas, but Thailand was a new destination for me. I was more concerned about whether I would like the new “me” at the end of the procedure, rather than the travel aspect. I have had a couple of surgery procedures prior to this, so that wasn’t an issue either. I arranged for a girlfriend to accompany me just in case I needed someone to hold my hand.  It’s funny but needles and operations do not give me any real pause for concern.  The prospect of being able to recover in a place such as Bangkok was a bit of a draw card, as I definitely didn’t want anyone I knew to see me for the first week or two.

Everything was so well organized from being collected at the airport to leaving Bangkok after ten days.  Unfortunately our plane was delayed so we didn’t arrive until late at night and the very next morning I was whisked into the hospital and had my pre-medical check ups.  Simply everything was covered from X-rays, an ECG to having blood tests.  The care shown by the medical staff at this point was remarkable and I felt totally at ease about the whole procedure. The one thing I didn’t realize was that my face-lift would take five hours, which gave me a bit of a scare.  It was the one thing that I had not researched. Dr. Narongdej was so honest with me that he said I could actually wait a couple of more years to have the facelift, as he didn’t really think that I needed it.  This was another aspect that I appreciated. It showed me that above all Destination Beauty is not just in it for the money, but that they really do give good advice to their patients.  In my case I chose to go ahead with the face-lift anyway. 

It was a total of six hours surgery.  Five hours for the face lift and one hour spent on my breast augmentation.  I had my operation about midday and when I woke up I thought it must have been the next day.  I wondered why I was being spoon fed spaghetti Bolognese for breakfast. It wasn’t until I queried my girlfriend that I was told it was dinner of the same day.  I thought I had just had an ultra long sleep. I remained in hospital for three days during which time I was too scared to look in a mirror the whole time.  I have a bit of a laugh about that now, because when I did gather up the courage all I saw was that my face appeared to be a bit swollen with what looked like eyeliner around my eyes.  That was actually the stitches! There was a small amount of yellow bruising around my eyes as well, but it was nothing like what I imagined it would be.  The pain in my breast area was tolerable as there was only a bit of tenderness between my now ample and gorgeous breasts. After three days in hospital, I spent a further seven days in the hotel before having my final checkup and coming home.

I tell everyone about Destination Beauty and how fantastic they are.

Now I look in the mirror and I am so happy with the results, both in my face and my amazing boobs.  I am not embarrassed in the slightest if I am caught off guard without my top on any more. And, I am getting so many compliments on how good I look.  I have gained a lot of self-confidence, which is reflected in my work.  I don’t care what anyone says, it is sales that I do, and it never hurts to look amazing when dealing with clients.     


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.