“I felt totally safe at the hospital. My surgeon, Dr. Sanit, did a fabulous job, the result is so great.”

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Christina, 38, runs a tightly-knit household that counts her husband and her four kids. She is a proud and doting wife and mother but she also knows what she wants for herself.

“After giving birth to four babies, I was no longer satisfied with the look of my breasts,” says Christina. “They used to be nice and firm, but after breastfeeding all of my children, my breasts have become sad and sack-y.”

She did not want to live with this condition for the rest of her life and so with the encouragement and support of her husband, she got in touch with Destination Beauty to seek help in having breast augmentation surgery in Thailand.

Christina already had a clue about how safe and affordable plastic surgery in Thailand is as compared to what she can get back home. Additionally, a trip to the beautiful Southeast Asian nation would also mean a much needed and well deserved vacation for the whole family. “I had thought it through before I did it,” she reveals. “Of course, a main factor was the big savings in Thailand, and because I wanted it done during my holiday. Also, my sister-in-law had it done in Thailand one year earlier and the result was great.”

And so taking advantage of the holidays, Christina and her entire family flew to Thailand. All throughout the experience, Destination Beauty was there to help her out – from giving all the information she needed about the procedure, walking her through an initial at-home consultation with a real surgeon, advising her on travel and hotel bookings, and being her personal concierge when she arrived in Bangkok.

She had her surgery done at the Yanhee International Hospital, the largest plastic surgery facility in the whole of Asia.

Christina fells like a new woman now that she has her breasts back. She’s perfectly happy with the results and ecstatic about the savings she was able to get. “People who see my breasts now say that it is the best looking silicone breasts they have ever seen,” she says proudly. “They don’t look fake. When I touch them, they feel natural, look natural and move like real breasts.”

To top it all off, Christina and her family was able to bond and enjoy a fantastic tropical getaway for the holidays.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.