Camille shares her story on how her full facelift in Thailand’s is affordable and changed her life.

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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

” I applaud Destination Beauty for the quality of care
I received from the moment I stepped off the plane
to when I got on it to go home.
I could not fault the hospital, the nurses were fantastic
and my Thai plastic surgeon, Dr Ring,
was brilliant and caring throughout the entire journey.
Considering I am a nurse, this is high praise.”

I so did not like looking at my face in a mirror; you hit 50 and everything goes south.
I never had a chin to start with, so it wasn’t a case of a double chin appearing,
it was the noticeably wrinkly and sagging skin on my neck holding up a face with no real bone structure that made me feel miserable.
Nothing was defined in my facial structure and I had battled with my feelings about this for my entire life.
Well, from when I was old enough to care about how I looked.  I was never mocked at school for the way I looked,
but I have always been terribly self-conscious and unhappy with my facial features or lack thereof, to the point of feeling “deformed”.
Even when someone would tell me that I was pretty, I never believed what he or she said.


Contemplating a full facelift in Thailand was a new thought to me!!!!
Life just doesn’t seem fair that when you reach a certain age of maturity
and have all the confidence in the world in who you are and what you have achieved,
that the childhood niggle of being unsatisfied with how you look resurfaces every time you check yourself in the mirror.
Before a night out, getting ready to go to work and late at night before going to bed was the worst time,
looking tired drawn and simply “old”.  I am sure another wrinkle would appear just by my breathing!


My life in my homecountry 
I am not some vain middle-aged woman wanting to look impossibly beautiful, but I do care about my appearance and always have done.
I am a single mother,so my kids have always come first in my life.  I left the United States about 11 years ago and moved to New Zealand.
I am a Nurse Practitioner in a busy primary health clinic and have also lectured nursing at the university in New Zealand.
I have a definite wanderlust for travel, as new and different cultures are a bit of a magnet to my inquisitive personality.
I recently went to Ghana to do some volunteer work with AIDS/HIV patients, which was an amazing experience.
My friends and family are quite used to me having adventures of one sort or another,
as I am not a wilting flower at all.  I love life and all the possibilities it holds.


My client at work inspired me to come over
I knew that plenty of people were going to Thailand for plastic surgery,but had not done anything about looking into it properly,
until one day when I had a patient in the clinic where I work who told me she had been to Destination Beauty in Thailand.
Me, believing in the cosmic universe, decided that this was a sign for me to take the plunge.
Initially I looked into having just a face and neck lift, but during my consultation with my surgeon,
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr Ring, I discussed my dissatisfaction with my facial structure.
Upon hearing that I could have jaw and chin implants as part of the procedure, I was over the moon with excitement.
I could actually give myself the face I had always wanted.
The price is more affordable !! 
A full facelift in Thailand was reachable financially,
whereas there was no way I would have been able to afford a facelift in the United States, or New Zealand for that matter.
Over the years I had always harbored the thought that maybe one day I would treat myself and have a face lift,
so I had opened an account with just this purpose in mind some years prior.
Taking everything into account, the total cost was 20,000 NZD and that included flights to have my full facelift with Destination Beauty Thailand.
My first time in Thailand 
I had never been to Thailand before I went for surgery, despite my frequent jaunts overseas on holidays.
There was no hesitation on my part whatsoever about the fact that I was going to do this by myself.
I suppose I have a different mindset being a nurse, as I knew what to expect and that I could look after myself during the recovery period.
Of course operating theaters, white robed medical practitioners, needles or scalpels do not scare me at all, considering my profession.
My confidence in my own ability to do this overflowed to my family and friends.
Not one of them brought up any negative arguments about the scenario.
In fact they were totally supportive of my decision for plastic surgery and not one tried to talk me out of having a full facelift in Thailand.

Flying solo was in fact the best way for me to go,
as I believed that if anyone had come with me they would have been bored to death hanging around.
This way I could just put myself first and not feel obligated to entertain or join anyone else in exploring Bangkok’s steamy city.
This turned out to be the right decision, as after the surgery I only wanted to rest and was definitely not in the frame of mind to play tourist.
Of course I had plenty of phone calls and messages from my kids and friends after my facelift procedure to make sure that I was ok.

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


The difference in my life of having had a facelift with jaw and chin implants is huge.
I now look the way I feel and the reflection in the mirror makes me smile.
My face is fresh, softly sculptured with defining features, which makes me so happy.
I do not look like Angelina Jolie, but that was not my goal.
I look the way I want to look and this has given me a confident edge that many women my age do not have,
because they feel like a faded image of their former selves.
Despite my age I still deserve to feel attractive and good about myself, which is what this has done for me.
I am a great believer in the fact that older women deserve to feel gorgeous, despite society’s pre-occupation and obsession with youth.

” I am so happy I did this and I hope that other women thinking about having plastic surgery in Thailand will take the plunge. ” 

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.