Britt’s Breast Augmentation with Dr. Kasemsak

I may not have what most people consider a feminine job, but I did want a feminine body. I am more a male’s female, rather than a “female female” and have always hung out with the boys. Maybe I can say it is because of my close relationship with my brother, but I have just felt more at ease in the company of guys than being around other women. I actually trained as a butcher to start with, went on to construction jobs, driving trucks and ended up working on Curtis Island, north Queensland, one of the few females on the gas rig. GET YOUR PLASTIC SURGERY THAILAND BROCHURE HERE CLICK HERE

before after Breast Augmentation with Dr. Kasemsak


I became insecure about my physical shape. When I was a child I was a bit more than slightly on the chubby side, and as I got older, the puppy fat dropped off me. With that weight loss, I also lost my boobs which is quite often the case. At 27 I hated the fact that I was left with droopy tits that lacked any fat or substance to them. I had to always wear a bra and couldn’t stand the fact that my clothes lacked the oomph, which someone with good breasts can give to any outfit. Some might say it is just vanity, but to me it was more than that, despite what friends would tell me. My mother was of the opinion that “you should put up with what you have been given”; but on the other hand, I wasn’t prepared to. I had been working six days a week for the last three odd years and on very good money, so the cost was never an issue with me and not an obstacle at all. I knew financially I could do it and that it would be cheaper than having the plastic surgery done in Australia.


Word of mouth is an amazing recommendation. I happened to be chatting with one of the guys that I worked with and he mentioned that his wife had been to Thailand with Tria Destination Beauty to have a tummy tuck done, and how pleased she was with the results. After this initial conversation, I was amazed at how many co-workers’ wives had also had plastic surgery in Thailand and had used Tria Destination Beauty. I actually only gave the other companies a cursory glance on the internet, before I contacted Destination Beauty direct.


I wasn’t nervous getting onto the plane. It was excitement I felt at that point, despite my never having had any surgical procedures at all and only having been to Vanuatu for my 17th birthday with my mum. I might add I did have my partner with me, as we combined a holiday with the hospital visit. I did not tell my mother until my arrival in Bangkok, that it wasn’t “just” a holiday we were having. I rang her and explained that I was going to have breast augmentation whilst we were in Bangkok. She had been under the false belief that we were only going for a relaxing break. Despite her reaction to my news at that time, mum was the first one to say to me upon getting home, “Give me a look, show me”, with a smile on her face. Maybe it was a reflection of my own smile that made her happy for me.breast augmentation thailand review

Plastic surgery in Thailand was a breeze. Everything went like clockwork from our pickup at the airport, delivery to the hotel, my consultation the next day and the surgery in the afternoon. The funniest time was “shopping” for what size implants I wanted to have. You actually put on a firmly fitted white t-shirt and try the different sizes on underneath the shirt whilst pulling it tight. All the different sized silicon implants were sitting neatly on a table in pairs. It was a bit of a comical experience. It was a case of shopping for tits! My doctor, Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kasemsak, was fantastic. He explained in laymen terms how the whole procedure would go. I only wanted to go back to my prior “C” cup that I had been, which is basically the size I selected. But, I do remember waking up the next day in hospital and thinking, “Wow”, my breasts looked huge. It was a case of letting them settle in, which occurred over the following few weeks. I only stayed in hospital overnight and we got back to the hotel late the following evening.

The very next day with hardly any pain at all, my partner and I ran the gauntlet of all that Bangkok had to offer. I am a bit of a shopaholic and couldn’t stay away from the MBK shopping mall. We indulged in all the amazing colorful and bustling attractions that Bangkok is known for. We dawdled around the floating markets, patted tigers, toured temples and ate the local Asian food as if we were having our last meals. We also bonded with the other women staying at the hotel who had also undergone surgery. One of the funniest nights was when a group of us went out for dinner and then to a Ping-Pong show! It was more a case of spot the female westerner that hadn’t had surgery. I had not booked on one of Tria Destination Beauty tour groups, but it was great to have the company of the other women who had undergone similar surgery. Sometimes, sisterhood can be an amazing treat.before after Breast Augmentation with Dr. Kasemsak

No numb nipples for me. I was warned that I may have some numbness in my nipples by Dr Kasemsak, but it hasn’t been the case at all. He said that it may take up to three months for any sensation to come back. I am happy to report that my nipples are in fine form and my partner loves my boobs, as much as I do. And, my mum just loves seeing me happy. It proved to be definitely a positive experience and the fact that after Bangkok we went to Koh Samui for a few days of relaxing in the sun was a bonus.