Kayla before thigh lift breast lift implants arm lift

Kayla, from Sydney, Australia had Breast Augmentation with Lift, Arm lift, and Thigh lift Dr. Angkana in Bangkok after Gastric Sleeve that she had it done two years ago!

Kayla documented her journey on Instagram – join her @lalakaylalouise

“Prior to coming abroad I lost 6% body fat & gained 1.8kgs of pure muscle in a 8 week challenge.

I had my consult with Dr Angkana in the morning. She is very lovely, speaks English very well and explained everything as she was drawing me up. She measured, drew and would measure again. She was very thorough.

breast lift before picture

I was in the surgery room at 8:20am where I met the anesthesiologist who was a lovely man. He asked about my previous surgeries and how I woke up from them so decided to give me something so I wouldn’t wake up nauseas & I didnt. 

After the surgery, I spent the night in ICU but just as a precaution and they had advised me of this before my op.






















Kayla-before-after-breast augmentation-with-lift

Kayla-before-after-breast augmentation-with-lift

Pre Thigh lift surgery!


“Surgery 2 went for longer (4 hrs 40mins total) than I was told it was, not sure as to why though yet. I woke up in recovery just before 4pm local time and brought back to my room just before 5:30pm local time and stayed awake during that time.
Bit if a rocky start as I couldn’t stop shaking and they thought I was cold so they put a pump with warm air blowing out of it under my blankets but that wasn’t it. They did give me something but took a little while to kick in, so glad when it did as my legs were shaking too and they were getting sore.

I have been able to move my legs a little, nothing drastic but I’m taking that as a good sign 👍I am also feeling pretty good so far. Operation 2 ✅✅”

Post thigh lift surgery!

Kayla fitted in support bra

See Kayla being fitted by nurse Aom in the support bra.

How to pick a good support bra after breast surgery – Kayla and Nurse Aom from destinationbeauty.com on Vimeo.

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