“From B to E cup”

Breast Augmentation in Thailand with Destination Beauty

Coming from an accountancy background Sali spent a good year calculating all the benefits of having her breast augmentation surgery done in Thailand through Destination Beauty. Sali spent THB 109,000 (approx $4200) on her breast augmentation in Thailand.

She followed the company closely through the Facebook page and website, asking past clients numerous questions until she felt certain we were a reputable company using Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who gave great results.

Sali’s amazing pictures – after pictures

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Plastic surgery Thailand brochure – CLICK HERE.

Having suffered over the years with uneveness Sali felt embarrassed about the vast size difference in her breasts but typical like alot of people she was scared of the thought of surgery. She contacted two companies but found her rep from Destination Beauty Suellen was very patient, knowledgeable and answered all queries in a time effective manner. It was also an added bonus that Suellen had undergone a breast augmentation through Destination Beauty herself. Having spoken to someone who had experienced the exact same procedure helped give Sali peace of mind so she chose Destination Beauty to go through.

“I was convincing myself that I was going to Thailand for a holiday but when I met Dr Paveena Lawanlakkana who had completed some of her training in Perth, Australia I felt so comfortable I knew she was to be my surgeon,” says Sali.

From the healthy food through to the cleanliness and the follow-up at the hospital Sali felt the service was second to none. Having the support of her husband who also chose to stay in the room with her was an added bonus. The service team from Destination Beauty ensured she was in good hands as did the nurses. “I couldn’t believe that not one but three nurses came in to see me at once, that made me feel really special,” says Sali.

Sali was impressed how leaving the hospital to return to Somerset for recuperation the Destination Beauty drivers manoeuvred their ways around the busy Bangkok streets driving slowly for the onboard clients comfort.

Once back at Somerset (where Destination Beautys head office is sited) Sali felt well enough to hit the shops and put her bartering skills to the test. What she was looking forward to the most was being able to purchase new lingerie. After six weeks of taking it easy she returned to her daily exercise regime and now she finds her new found look has inspired her to hit the gym more frequently.

“The feedback from everybody has been so positive, everybody asks me about my experience and I tell them to go through Destination Beauty and have your plastic surgery in Thailand it’s not scary at all.”

Sali is so proud of her new look that she often encourages people to “touch” her breasts so they can experience for themselves just how natural they feel. Even her mother who wasn’t privy to the surgery at all is impressed with her daughters outcome to the point she was enquiring about a possible procedure for herself!

Going from a B to an E cup was a calculated risk that has shown good dividends and when you see the before and after photos of Sali I’m sure you’d all agree 100%.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Tell us about your implant sizes and over/under muscle implant placement?

My breast were very uneven before surgery, size B to C. Dr. Paveena placed the implants under the muscle for the best result. She used 2 different implant sizes to even out the size.  Left side is 435cc and right side is 355cc.

I would recommend having them under the muscle as you can always monitor your breast for any lumps like I have (i had fibroadenoma which was removed during the surgery as well)


Amazing Deal Breast Implants Thailand

Below you will see some of the questions our clients ask Sali on Facebook earlier in the year.

What is your new bra size?

Yesterday I went bra shopping which was soooo exciting I got measured i got told I am an 10E to 10F cup which was what I wanted and I brought a new sport bra which is size 12DD and it fits perfectly.

What type implants did you get – Round or teardrop shaped?

I got round implants.


Was there a lot of consultation with your dr before you underwent the operation ie: style of implant size finished look etc? And what was your recovery time? This is great to chat online about thank you

yes she explained what the final result will be.. I went a bit bigger to what she recommended, I told her as long as I have an E cup she can just even-out my breast haha
The bigger you go to more recovery time you need
Day1 I was just sleeping..
Day2 I went for a little walk outside the hotel
Day3 I was shopping twice a day (morning at MBK, go back to the hotel for a nap and then night Markets)

At the start you will need someone to help you get in and out of bed.. brush your hair.. just a little hard to lift your arms up at the start….

How much did the augmentation itself end up costing ? Was it much more than the estimates given on the website as you went over 400cc?

As I was over 400cc the price for the breast augmentation is THB 109,000 including 1 night in the hospital or approx $3599, it’s as per the price-list.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Im getting my augmentation through Destination Beauty in two weeks in Phuket. Im so excited.

You will not regret it… I was very scared at the start its a big thing to trust someone overseas with your body that will last a very long time… but they did a great job… and if you have any concerns after the surgery just contract Destination Beauty and they will help you will all your questions.


Where did you stay after surgery?

For all those getting their breast done in Bangkok like me, highly recommend Somerset Park Suanplu Hotel (where Destination Beauty have their office, and Somerset is the recommended place to stay by Destination Beauty), its very clean, big space, and very helpful and close to everything… got a great restaurant across the road (the owner knows english) and very good prices too…sali-day-1

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Where did you travel from? I’m planning for Bangkok in 12 months time for both lift and augmentation, coming from Australia, so nervous with all the scare and horror stories surrounding cosmetic surgery outside of Australia

I am from Melbourne I went to Bangkok, I had a great experience… I followed Destination Beauty for over a year and did lots of research about breast implant.

My Aunty did a breast reduction and tummy tuck in Sydney in a private hospital, she ended up 6 months in hospital and 3 more operations…

well think about it… In Thailand got lots of lady boys and sex change how many of those do you see here in Australia? not many… so they do have lots of experience.

The hospital is so nice and very clean and they are always over stuffed so you know you can help straight away when you needed you.. My husband came with me and when I needed a nurse, he will go ask for one and she will follow him to the room.. Every 30mins I had a nurse to check up on me.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.