Breast Augmentation and Lift with Dr. Kasemsak

It was one of those moments when the impulse to book my breast lift and augmentation surgery in Thailand overcame me and I just did it. I was actually on a late shift at the hospital where I work as a nurse when the urge to hit that send button on an email to Destination Beauty was the culmination of a long time contemplating such action. A bit impulsive, but not really, as I had been researching it for quite some time.

I am a single woman in my mid 50’s, I have never been married or had children throughout my somewhat hectic adult life. I really wanted to be a pilot when I was trying to determine my career path, but unfortunately the only occupation open to me at that time in the army was nursing. Most people say about me that I put everyone else before myself, so actually it was a good fit with my character. I guess I do get a lot of enjoyment out of caring for other people and throughout my life I have never really put myself first. I ended up being a nurse in the army for about 17 years, based all over the place, before I joined the staff at the local hospital in my town where I work now.

Anonymity was a factor in my decision. Born and bred in a country town of northern Queensland, I liked the idea of having surgery in Thailand not only because of the cost factor which did come into play, but because it would give me some personal space as well. Country towns are always breeding grounds for a bit of gossip and I had no wish to be the talking point of the town. Only a few close friends knew that I was going to have breast surgery in Thailand when I left.

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My build has never been on the small side but over the years, my weight just gradually blew out to an incredible 99.9 kilos. The only thing that was small about me was my boobs! Again, it was another impulsive moment when at Christmas of 2013 I decided I had had enough of being so heavy and that it was time to get rid of the excess weight. Between that Christmas and March of 2015 when I went to Thailand for my breast lift and augmentation, I had lost a grand total of 48 kilos. I had always been a big child, so the fact that I now weighed about 52 kilos was a huge milestone for me.

I guess I did my own version of “portion” control and managed to lose the weight without any help from Weight Watchers or any other organized weight loss program. I do have a huge amount of self-control and dogged determination when I make up my mind to do something and losing that weight became my total focus. Maybe it was eating huge crappy meals of fast food on any one of my shifts, but the funny part was instead of “huge fast food” meals, I just cut them right down. I know that is terrible to say, but in reality I did actually keep eating fast food, I just cut down on how much of it I was eating.

I had discussed the issue of breast surgery with a friend whose daughter had used Destination Beauty in Bangkok, at some point prior to sending that fateful email. The daughter is so happy with the results that she gave Destination Beauty Bangkok a more than glowing reference and advised me to use them if I was contemplating breast surgery overseas. I only had a small amount of excess skin despite my change in weight, so that was not the issue at all. I merely wanted my breasts to match the rest of my body and to at long last be totally happy with the way I looked.

Which lead me to “that” night of decision making when at work. I actually got the first email ready to go, I got up and walked away before I sent it, but then I had to go back and press the “send” button. I just thought to hell with it, that I should go ahead and indulge myself for once. I had looked into having breast surgery in the town where I live, but the cost was between the 10 and 14 thousand dollar mark, which I thought was excessive. My thinking process was along the lines of, if I was to have it done in Thailand it would be half the cost, I would get a much-needed holiday and I would have some alone time which I desperately needed. My mother had died in the last few years and I was struggling to deal with this, as we had been very close. So alone time whilst recuperating, was a good proposition for me. I did not contemplate going on one of the group tours of Destination Beauty as I had already booked my holiday schedule with work and I had to fit in with that.unnamed (8)

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I have traveled overseas before but not for a long time. I actually spent 6 months in Europe in my younger years and have done the usual jaunts of Asian destinations such as Bali, Vanuatu and Fiji. The last time I was in the Bangkok Airport would have been about 30 years ago, and that was only in transit. I must admit I found the Bangkok Airport to be a bit overwhelming and was totally grateful for the personalized reception from Destination Beauty upon landing. I literally cannot fault Destination Beauty with the handling of my procedure from the minute I landed to the time I left Bangkok. The service was exceptional, personal and always on time.

I loved the staying at Destination Beauty Luxury Apartments in Bangkok as it was so much more than I expected. I thought it would be merely a “room” when it was actually a self-contained apartment with all the benefits of being in a hotel with stunning gardens at the entrance.

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I had the biggest laugh when playing around with the t-shirt to determine which sized breast would be best for my body frame. I merely wanted to look “natural” and I had no desire whatsoever to have big boobs. I went along with what Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kasemsak recommended and he really knew the perfect size for me.

Prior to the consultation I underwent a battery of tests to make sure that my body could cope with the length of the operation required, because of my age and the fact that I have a few health issues, which has had me on long-term medication. This involved a stress test, an ECG, a respiratory function test, consulting with a cardiologist and an Endocrinologist. The tests took about 4 hours, but were totally necessary for me prior to my consultation with Dr. Kasemsak.

After my consultation I went straight into surgery for my breast lift and augmentation. I know I have quite a high threshold of tolerance to pain, but when I woke up I was hardly in any pain at all. I only took painkillers that once and after that there was only a mild feeling of discomfort in my breast area. I spent 3 nights in Destination Beauty at Piyavate Hospital where the nurses were simply gorgeous and ultra caring. Then I had a week “recovering” in Destination Beauty Luxury Apartments during which time I played the tourist and thoroughly enjoyed having an elephant ride, fossicking at the floating markets, gawking at the temples and exploring the canals by boat. At one point I teemed up with another lady who had also undergone plastic surgery with Destination Beauty and we had a bit of a shopping marathon together, which was fun.

I came back with a completely different attitude and so impressed with my new look. My friends all said that I looked amazing and that it had been about time that I spent some money and time on myself.

I would not hesitate to recommend Destination Beauty Bangkok as they definitely came through with every promise they made to me.

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.