“What I can feel now is the bigger breast size, which I think is good”

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Like nearly anyone considering Plastic Surgery in Thailand – or anywhere, for that matter – Anna started out anxious about her experience. She wanted to have Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation done consecutively and all the usual, sensible questions and concerns filled her mind. Fortunately, Anna, our friend from Sweden, was able to enlist the help of Destination Beauty, where we’ve spent years answering exactly these kinds of questions and helping women and men from all over the world make the journey to have safe, affordable cosmetic surgery in Thailand. Read on to watch and learn all about Anna’s experience…

Way before she flew to Bangkok for Plastic Surgery, we worked with Anna to make sure she was already armed with all the information she needed – about the procedures, her Thai plastic surgeon, the hospital in Bangkok and more – as she planned to spend about a month in Thailand to rest and recuperate.Having a clear idea of what to expect, together with the enthusiastic support her family gave her, calmed her nerves a bit.

Anna recalls that when she needed our help, from before she arrived until she was ready to head home for Sweden, Destination Beauty or a hospital representative was available to make sure that things went as smoothly as possible.

The morning after she arrived in Thailand for her Breast Augmentation in Bangkok and her Rhinoplasty, Anna went to see her surgeon, Dr. Pitch, for pre-surgery consultation. “We talked about how the procedures would be… what size of breasts I would have… and the nose, how I would want it,” recounts Anna.

Dr. Pitch, one of Thailand’s most accomplished plastic surgeons, listened intently to Anna’s concerns and made recommendations regarding the procedures. He also discussed what anesthetic would be used, how incisions are made and the duration of each procedure. Anna was very much at ease during the consultation and it helped that Dr. Pitch was friendly and could speak English quite well.

That very same afternoon, Anna underwent Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty. Her family waited in her private room, and when she was wheeled back in a few hours later everyone was relieved to see that everything went well.

The following day, Anna was still a little dazed but she was kind enough to share some of her thoughts with us at Destination Beauty. She was staying in a nice single room that has a wonderful view of Bangkok’s main river. The room has its own toilet, bath, television and other hotel-like amenities. Her family used the extra sofa and were even provided extra cushion and blankets by the hospital – something that Anna truly appreciates.

“I’m feeling okay but quite sore,” says Anna. “I haven’t slept much because the nurses, they regularly check up on you… which is good… check on your blood pressure, make sure you don’t have a fever, give you medicine, make sure everything’s okay.”

Overall, Anna felt okay after the surgery and although it was still too early to tell, she was positive that the results of her surgeries would be good. “My nose doesn’t hurt,” she shares.

“Right now it’s just swollen so I can’t breathe very well, but that’s normal.”

She adds, “My breasts don’t hurt, only a bit sore under. But I have medicine to manage the pain. What I can feel now is the bigger breast size, which I think is good.”

Anna spent the next few weeks enjoying the many wonderful attractions Thailand had to offer. The real, huge savings she got from having the procedures done in Thailand rather than back home allowed her to funnel her funds towards a fantastic holiday getaway.

Before flying back to Sweden, Anna went to see Dr. Pitch one final time for a follow-up consultation. By that time, the pain and swelling on the affected areas have all gone, and her surgical scars have lightened considerably. As well, the results on her nose and her breasts were already beginning to show, and thankfully no problems or complications arose. And after last-minute instructions and pleasantries with Dr. Pitch, Anna made her way out the hospital with her new look and our thanks for being so kind in letting us film and tell her story!

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.