“This is the story in their own words – 3 sisters – Breast Augmentation in Thailand”

We all have been talking about getting breast augmentation for a long time, as I am now 33 and a mother of 4, my sister Heidi 32 and a mother of 3, and my other sister Abby 28 and a mother of 2, gravity and breastfeeding has taken its toll, as we have all finished making our contribution to society, we thought that now is our time to get our bodies back looking great again, and who better to do it with but my 2 best friends (my sisters).

I have been the one to do a lot of the research into where, how much, what type, placement, recovery, risks, surgeons and everything involved, I contacted a few surgeons I came across in Australia as we all have children and didn’t want to be away from them to long, but they were all up around the $12000 mark, which I couldn’t justify paying that much, when I have 4 children to bring up, thats when I came across Destination Beauty’s website.


I had a bit of doubt with knowing that it is a third world country, and wasn’t sure the communication was going to be that good as I speak english not Thai, but I contacted them anyway just to see what response I got and the feeling I got from them, while I was emailing them and still checking out the site seeing what they offer, my phone rang!! It was Ana from Destination Beauty, and she spoke fluent english, my response was quote ‘ shit that was quick’ she laughed, I already had an excellent vibe off this woman, she was so lovley I asked her all the questions I wanted to know, and she answered every single one, not once did I have to say sorry I don’t understand, she was great!! Ana said for me to fill out a free quote and send off some pics and Ana would get get back to me with the surgeons feedback in 3 days.I hung up the phone feeling very satisfied, and couldn’t wait to tell my sisters, I sent mine off with pics and Ana responded straight away saying that she had received it . So I emailed the link to my sisters so they could do the same, but they didn’t really want to send the pics as they are really self conscious, so I emailed Ana and asked if she could ring me, she rang me back within 10 mins. I said that they were really self conscious and didn’t really want to send pics was that ok, she said to get the best surgeon for individual needs they needed the photos to do a proper assessment, so I asked if she would mind giving them a call, and gave her their phone numbers, Ana rang them as soon as we hung up and has given me her direct line that if I have any other questions that I can call her.


My sisters both rang me and were so happy and excited, and both sent their pics off straight away.
And we all have a joke now that Ana is our new sister we love her and haven’t even met her lol.
I have got my assessment back but my sisters are still waiting on their’s, as they only did it friday.


We are planning to have surgery next september for my birthday, we are calling it my birthday boobs party in thailand lol…… So after endless emails and phone calls to and from Thailand booking flights and accommodation our day finally arrived, our appointment morning we were greeted by the most amazing Destination Beauty rep Moo, who has held our hand every step of the way, literally lol, we all one after the other met our surgeon, we all had great Destination Beauty plastic surgeons, who are humble friendly amazing surgeons, and we all went with the surgeons recommendations, the process from trying on sizes of implants, blood tests, X-rays and surgery was all a matter of 6 hours and I was out of surgery, in the presidential suite, waiting for my sisters to return from their surgery, we were all in the same  suite. The whole experience has been so overwhelming, and I would do it all over again in a second. I want to thank Destination Beauty staff, our surgeons and the hospital staff for the best experience me and my two sisters will never forget.