Plastic Surgery Thailand Pricelist

Approx AUD
Approx NZD
Main Procedures From
Breast Augmentation up to 400 cc99000$3,322$3,637
Tummy Tuck less than 80kg120000$4,027$4,409
VASER Liposuction per area70000$2,349$2,572
Breast Lift109000$3,658$4,005
Full Face Lift215000$7,215$7,899
Nose Job150000$5,034$5,511

Approx AUD
Approx NZD
Breast Procedure From
Breast Augmentation up to 400 cc99000$3,322$3,637
Breast Augmentation above 400 cc109000$3,658$4,005
Breast Augmentation Tear Drop up to 400 cc119000$3,994$4,372
Breast Correction less than 400 cc130000$4,363$4,776
Breast Correction 400-525 cc140000$4,698$5,143
Breast Correction 550-800 cc160000$5,370$5,878
Breast Correction 1,000 cc290000$9,732$10,654
Breast Lift109000$3,658$4,005
Breast Lift with Implant198000$6,645$7,274
Breast Reduction155000$5,202$5,695
Nipple Reduction22000$738$808
Areola Reduction32000$1,074$1,176
Body Procedure From
Vaser Liposuction per area70000$2,349$2,572
Tummy Tuck less than 80kg120000$4,027$4,409
Tummy Tuck 80-90kg135000$4,531$4,960
Tummy Tuck 90-100kg150000$5,034$5,511
Arm Lift82500$2,769$3,031
Thigh Lift99000$3,322$3,637
Buttock Lift99000$3,322$3,637
Buttock Implant180000$6,041$6,613
Face Procedure From
Full Face Lift215000$7,215$7,899
Neck Lift69000$2,316$2,535
Midface Lift109000$3,658$4,005
Midface & Neck Lift178000$5,974$6,540
Upper Eyelid Surgery22000$738$808
Lower Eyelid Surgery22000$738$808
Nose Surgery150000$5,034$5,511
RLE Multifocal Lenses150000$5,034$5,511
Dentistry From
Check-up and consultation per visitfreefreefree
Porcelain Veneer: IPS Empress II per veneer9000$302$331
Porcelain Veneer: IPS eMax per veneer12000$403$441
Porcelain Veneer: IPS Empress Esthetics per veneer11000$369$404
Porcelain fused to standard alloy per veneer8000$268$294
Porcelain fused to semi-precious alloy >2% per crown12000$403$441
Porcelain fused to semi-precious alloy >50% per crown18000$604$661
Porcelain fused to high-precious alloy >85% per crown20000$671$735
IPS Impress All Ceramic per crown12000$403$441
All Ceramic eMax per crown16000$537$588
Porcera Smart eMax per crown17000$571$625
Cercon Smart Ceramics per crown17000$571$625
Lava All Ceramics per crown17000$571$625
Straumann SLA Implant per Implant80000$2,685$2,939
Bone Level SLA Implant per Implant80000$2,685$2,939
SLActive Immediate Loaded Implant per Implant85000$2,853$3,123
Bone Level SLActive Implant per Implant85000$2,853$3,123
Roxolid Implant per implant85000$2,853$3,123

Approx AUD
Approx NZD
Destination Beauty Service
Transfer (airport – hotel – hospital) 6 ways3900$131$143
4-Star Luxury Accommodation / night2600$87$96
Double Room / night2800$94$103
Group Tour w/9nights and much more52000$1,745$1,910
Fly Back Cover up to THB 100,0007700$258$283
Fly Back Cover THB 100,001 – 250,00012299$413$452
Fly Back Cover above THB 250,00015399$517$566

Our prices are fully inclusive, including consultation, surgery, medicine, implants and 1-4 nights in private room at Tria Destination Beauty Plastic Surgery Center.

****Surgery is paid for in Thai Baht currency (AUD and NZD values are only approximate).

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