Katrina’s Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck & Lipo @ BNH

Like more and more of our friends out there, Katrina first made her plans to come to Thailand for her Breast Augmentation, Mini-Tummy Tuck and Liposuction after attending one of Destination Beauty’s seminars in Australia.

Katrina’s a mother of four children, so, like many of our friends, she can’t just up and leave for Thailand on a moment’s notice and had to start her preparations for her trip by arranging someone to look after her kids while she was away.

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Toey, Destination Beauty’s longest-serving Team Leader, helped handle everything for her very quickly and made the whole process as smooth as possible.

“Within seven days, we got organized,” Katrina says, in reference to Toey. “We had to swap doctors and hospitals. That concerned me a little bit in the beginning, because I sort of had a plan in place.”

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Surgeons in Thailand, like anywhere, are busy and sometimes their schedules don’t match up with travel dates in a pinch. However, Toey, knowing all of Destination Beauty’s partner surgeons, assured Katrina that she’d be in great hands with Dr. Bhumsak.

In retrospect, Katrina was thrilled with her choice. In her own words, she exclaims that “Toey assured me that Dr. Bhumsak was fantastic and I’m glad I went with him. So, within seven days, I had my passport organized, my tickets through Lloyd, the travel agent who works with Destination Beauty, and I was there. I was on a flight the Sunday night and I was in surgery on a Monday afternoon.”

When you’re first reading about how the process works, some can become a little hesitant about the timelines, but you have to understand that everything is very carefully worked out in advance. By the time Katrina booked, she had already worked with Toey and our partner hospitals to submit her medical information, receive a detailed consultation and to ask, and get answers to all of her questions. Upon arrival, of course, she had an in-person consultation with Dr. Bhumsak prior to surgery so that he could ensure that everything was in order and so that she could as well!

BNH hospital itself is a wonderful place to go for medical care and is a favorite of many visitors and residents of Thailand because of its quality care, but also because of the empathetic, caring service provided by the staff (the central location doesn’t hurt either!).

“The hospital was fantastic!” Katrina explains. “The nurses were just so sweet and lovely – and professional. What actually really impressed me is when I came here, you don’t know the procedures you’re going to go through, but straight away they did a blood test, they did a chest x-ray and they did an SCG, which made me realize that this wasn’t a chop shop, it wasn’t just ‘yes you’re here, let’s do plastic surgery.’ They made sure that I was healthy and fit for the surgery first, so knowing they did all that, I was at ease.”

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Katrina, there, says something that’s very important to anyone considering having their procedure done with us, which is that it’s not a rushed affair and there’s no pushiness or flim-flam. You’ll have all the time you want to talk with us, to ask questions and get answers, to consider surgeons and hospitals and to book your trip. Then, when you’re here, you’ll be looked after based on your medical needs, not based on getting you in and out the door. As Katrina says, the surgeons themselves won’t perform the procedure on a candidate who isn’t in good shape to have it and they take their duties as medical professionals very seriously.

Of course the stay in the hospital matters as well. You wouldn’t feel very comfortable if the environment were hectic, dirty and unfamiliar. Fortunately, it’s an experience so lovely that most of our friends who make the trip return home saying things like, “Our hospitals back home could take a lesson from my experience in Thailand!”

“My room was fine, I had a private room. It has a microwave if you can get up and use it. It has a fridge and a safe and it was private. The nurses were always there to check and if I needed them I could call them. Otherwise, I had a private room and I had a lot of privacy to myself to sleep and write.”

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Her hospital, BNH Hospital, is right next to everything you need, too, so once you’re out and about (usually within a day or so after surgery) you’re not stuck in the middle of nowhere :)

“It’s in Bangkok, it’s really close to the hotel. I’ve just come from my hotel and it took me five minutes to get here,” Katrina says in reference to the location. “It’s close to everything here. In fact where the motel is located is great, you just have to walk down the road, the skytrain’s there and you can catch it to huge shopping centers, you can walk to markets, there’s restaurants, there’s everything you need.”

That pretty much sums up the experience you’ll have with Destination Beauty. Katrina herself came for a Breast Augmentation, Mini-Tummy Tuck and Liposuction with Dr. Bhumsak @ BNH, but whatever procedure you come for and whichever of our partner surgeons you use, you can expect the same caring, deliberate service and the same amazing experience as Katrina had!

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