Destination beauty is working with MacCredit for a plastic surgery payment plan to finance your plastic surgery

In short, you apply, and if you get accepted you will receive the money and pay it back as a loan. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.


The main criteria MacCredit will look as it as follows :

Australia only

Minimum criteria is – Patient must be able to show a proof of income / no current adverse credit history

We can accept following proof of income : Full time / part time / self-employed / casual / centre link as primary source of income (single parent A & B / carer / disability/ old age / self-retirees) / business VISA 457(to VISA expiry date)

We can fund from $4,000!

Once we have received proof of income, the patient will generally be conditionally approved within 24-48hrs

We provide remote access documents/contracts to anywhere/anyone in Australia

Over the phone transfers so patient isn’t doing any running around

Single Parent / Centrelink income as primary income, also applicants who has worked at a new place of work for less than 1 month may be accepted.

If you are a housewife or has no current job and do not meet criteria 1, then the husband/boyfriend or relative can be the person holding the debt (borrowing the money).

Typical loans and approximate repayment in AUD:


* Use as a guide only.

Please click on the link to see repayment calculator. .


If you have any questions just drop us an email at, call us in Australia at (02) 8417 2428 or just fill out the form on the contact page, and mention in the comments that you’d like to know more about payment plans – that’s it! We’ll help with the rest.