Penis Surgery in Thailand

Starting From 46000 THB

If you feel you have an inadequately sized penis, you definitely don’t wanna talk about it – not with your partner, much less with strangers. You just want to wake up one day with a longer and a thicker organ. But you know it isn’t possible that’s why you probably have considered or even actually tried out various techniques and remedies out there, from penis enlargement exercises to pills, creams, patches and pumps. Well, if you really are serious about achieving real and lasting results, then penile surgery is the way to go!

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At Destination Beauty, we’ll equip you with all the information you need to come up with a decision you’re comfortable with. And if you decide to move forward, we’ll help you find a reliable surgeon at a safe and modern hospital in Thailand. We’ll also help you handle concerns that have to do with your flying over like flight and hotel bookings. We do it for FREE and we do it with a smile. So get in touch with us now to know more!

Penile Elongation

This type of surgery basically involves dividing the ligaments suspending the penis from the underside of the pubic bone, causing the “hidden” part of your penis to protrude. Depending on your actual penis size and fat deposits in the pubic area, you can expect to gain an inch to two inches after the procedure.

Penile Enlargement with Groin Tissue

This procedure is done to increase the girth of your penis. This involves taking tissue from your groin or butt and grafting it onto your penis. The result is greater circumference but your penis will have the same shape and length.

Lipofilling of the Penis

This is another girth enhancement procedure which is done by sucking fat tissue from your pubic mound, abdomen or love handles and injecting this fat underneath the skin of your penile shaft. Due to surgical advances, you can expect to have a considerably thicker penis without lumps or early patches.

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Candidates for Penile Surgery

You need to be generally healthy to be considered for penile surgery. If you have health conditions such as diabetes, heart and blood circulation troubles, and history of urogenital problems, you may be less than ideal to undergo operation.

You also need to have realistic expectations about the surgery. While the results can address your issues about the size and appearance of your organ, penile surgery will not make you better in bed.

During consultations, your surgeon will determine your physical and emotional fitness to undergo the procedure. You’ll be given specific instructions on what to do during the days leading to your surgery. This may likely include refraining from smoking and consuming alcohol two weeks before and after the operation. You may also be asked to regulate or stop the intake of certain medicines, vitamins and other supplements as these may interfere with the healing process.

Possible Complications

Earlier forays at penile elongation and girth enhancement did not always yield favorable results. But with the advances in technology and techniques, penile surgery is becoming more and more reliable and increasingly safer.

But as with any surgery, risks are always involved. Some of the potential problems associated with penile surgery include infection; skin incision separation; loss of the erect upward angle of the penis; detachment of the graft; nerve injury; and erectile dysfunction.

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We’ll Help With Your Penis Surgery

Penis Surgery in Thailand – and most other procedures – can cost up to 70% less than what they cost in places like America, Australia, England, Sweden, Denmark and elsewhere. At the same time, the quality of medical care you’ll get is on par with the the safe, modern care you would expect in the West – and in some cases it’s better here. On top of that, you get our help for FREE.

  • We’ll provide FREE answers to all your questions
  • We’ll set up a FREE, at-home consultation with one of our partner surgeons
  • We’ll coordinate with the hospital, handle all your surgical booking and take care of paperwork
  • We’ll NEVER charge you a “Booking Fee”
  • We’ll advise on travel, transfer and accommodations
  • We’ll be here to answer questions, we’ll be here to help out while you’re here and we’ll be here if you have questions or concerns after you return home

If you decide that Penis Surgery in Thailand is for you, then we’re here to help coordinate with everyone concerned to make this entire experience not only a success in terms of your personal results and your happiness with your new body, but also a memorable and positive trip on its own.  We’re here to take the mystery out of coming to Thailand for plastic surgery, so let us help you with exactly that!

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