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As years pass, there are more and more red flags that tell us that indeed we are aging – receding hairline, tooth loss, unsightly veins, declining eyesight. All these, plus other unwanted conditions brought about by genetics and our lifestyle, can make us feel unattractive, self-conscious, and unhealthy even.

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But while you cannot escape getting old, you have before you a variety of ways to keep the signs of aging at bay. At Destination Beauty, we can help you get the best medical attention and cosmetic surgery services at prices that are far far less than what you can get at home. At the emergent medical tourism hub that is Thailand, we have partnered with the very best surgeons and the most modern hospitals. And with our comprehensive services which we offer for absolutely FREE, looking and feeling young is easier than ever. Get in touch with us now to know more!

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Dental – If you need to have an oral problem diagnosed and treated, or if you want to significantly improve the appearance of your teeth, your mouth and your smile, we can definitely help you. We’ll find you an expert general dentist or a skilled oral surgeon, and we’ll make sure that you are comfortable with him. You can choose from a wide range of surgical and non surgical treatments, from the simplest tooth cleaning, Dental Veneers in Thailand to the most complex Dental Implants in Thailand. These include: dental cleaning, tooth bleaching, laser tooth whitening, orthodontic treatments, periodontal treatment, decalcified tooth treatment, fluoride application, tooth extraction, amalgam filling, composite filling, non-vital tooth bleaching, stainless steel crown, surgical removal of wisdom tooth, canine build up, skyce dental jewelry, diastema closure, root canal treatments, composite and porcelain veneers, full denture, dental implant, and gum and periodontal surgery.

Hair Restoration – A lot more is lost when a man’s hair begins falling off and his hairline starts to recede. You may feel weaker, unattractive and less manly. Hair transplant surgery can just be the solution you need. It is a safe, painless surgical technique that reverses the effect of hair loss by removing hair grafts from a donor site and implanting the donor hair to the thinning areas. It is a very simple outpatient procedure with instant and usually lasting results.

LASIK Eye Surgery – If you feel weighed down by your dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses, then LASIK eye surgery can turn things around for you. The procedure uses a highly specialized laser to alter the shape of the cornea and help improve your vision and treat refractive errors such as myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, and astigmatism. The benefits of LASIK eye surgery are usually long-lasting and may help you reduce or even eliminate the need for corrective eyewear.

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Varicose Vein Surgery – Vein valves which are damaged or missing cause varicose veins. These unsightly and bothersome veins usually develop in the legs, particularly in the calf and sometimes the thigh. They do not get better without treatment and tend to get worse through time. This is a common condition and several types of treatment are available. Vein ligation and stripping is the most common surgical procedure to remove varicose veins.

Penile Surgery – Cosmetic penile surgery is gaining popularity and acceptance among men who wish to enhance their self-image and self-esteem. And whether it is the length, girth or shape of your penis that bothers you, there’s a surgical procedure available for your specific problem. The different procedures available, which may be done individually or in combination, include penis lipofilling, penis augmentation, phalloplasty by scrotal flap or flat flap, penile elongation and penile enlargement with groin tissue.

Vaginal Surgery – This involves any of the number of surgical procedures done to repair or treat various problems associated with the female genitalia. Some of these issues include vaginal looseness, enlarged or irregular labia, and loss of sexual satisfaction. Procedures like reduction labiaplasty, posterior repair, uterine suspension and anterior vaginal wall repair are available and are routinely done by our expert surgeons.

Mommy Makeover – Motherhood brings incomparable joy and satisfaction. But it also causes unwanted effects such as stretch marks, excess fat deposits, as well as loose, sagging skin on different parts of your body. A Mommy Makeover is a combination of post-pregnancy plastic surgery, skin treatment and cellulite removal techniques to address the effects of pregnancy and childbirth that can’t be reversed through diet and exercise. Breast lift, body sculpting, tummy tuck and liposuction are some of the procedures you can use to bring back your pre-pregnancy look.

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Plastic surgery procedures and other medical treatments in Thailand are safe, effective, and cost up to 70% less than what your local health facilities offer. And we can make it even more convenient for you!

When you contact us by filling out the form on this page, calling us at one of the numbers below, or emailing us at info@destinationbeauty.com, we’ll immediately arrange for a FREE, at-home consultation with one of our partner surgeons. You’ll tell him your problems and he’ll recommend a course of action. If you do decide to move forward, we” help you with everything you need to fly over and have your treatment done. We’ll coordinate with your airlines and hotel, as well as your surgeon and your chosen hospital. If there’s any bump on the road, we’ll be there to smoothen it out. We just want you to have an experience that is as enjoyable and worry-free as possible.

Again, our services will not cost you a single buck. All you need to do is get in touch with us right now and be on your way to a new, younger-looking, better-feeling you!

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