Price of Cover:THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
For surgery up to THB 100,0007700$319$341
For surgery THB 100,001 – 250,00012299$510$544
For surgery above THB 250,00015399$639$682

Fly Back Cover is a cover you can take out for a extra peace of mind. The Fly Back Cover will cover your plane ticket and accommodation in case you will need to return to Thailand for re-surgery. Fly Back Cover is our warranty to you, for a peace of mind, so you know you are covered in this case.

The Fly Back Cover Terms:

✓ Valid 12 months after surgery date, must be purchased before surgery.
✓ Only valid for plastic surgery at Destination Beauty Plastic Surgery Center @ Samitivej Hospital, Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute (PPSI)
✓ Only valid for cases where complications arise that require re-surgery. Re-surgery must be accepted by your plastic surgeon and Destination Beauty in writing prior to returning to Thailand.
✓ Valid for economy class travel. Hotel booked will be a minimum 3 star hotel.
✓ Travel must be booked and paid by Destination Beauty – there will be no reimbursement of hotel/flight invoices unless agreed in writing.
✓ Max coverage will be for a number of 2 return trips tickets and 20 hotel nights. Fly Back only covers the person taking out the ‘Fly Back Cover’, expenses for accompanying partner or friend not included. You will need to return to your origin country before Fly Back Cover commences.
✓ Fly Back Cover only covers plane ticket(s) and hotel + transfers to and from Hospital. It does not include: meals, room service, travel insurance, transfers to or from your departure airport.
✓ It is a requirement that you have followed the pre and post-operative guidelines, and have followed surgeons instructions. It is a requirement to complete the post surgery follow up consultation (approx 7 days after surgery) and also the 1 month mandatory Skype/email consultation with pictures.
✓ Fly Back Cover is invalid for: emergency medical treatment, treatment for infections and scar revision.
✓ Fly Back Cover will cover in these cases: Hospital agree to re-do surgery as initial surgery is not deemed successful or you develop a capsular contracture (breast implants). Other cases may also be accepted subject to written approval.

If you experience a complication you must inform the hospital/surgeon immediately with cc to, failure to do so will invalidate the Fly Back Cover. To file a claim please email with cc to you rep.

For more information about Fly Back Cover, please call or email to us.