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Mid Face Lift Surgery – or a Mini Facelift – has proven to be a very effective and safe way to reverse the signs of aging as well as correct other facial malformations. Its popularity has increased over the years that it is now one of the most sought after plastic surgery procedures by men and women alike. There are instances, however, that a complete facelift is not necessary as the affected areas are not that extensive. If, for example, your trouble spots are only around your cheeks and lower eyelids, then a mid facelift is the procedure best suited for you.

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At Destination Beauty, we are committed to give you not only the best medical services at the most reasonable rates. We also are here to help you arrive at an informed decision. That is why when you get in touch with us, we immediately hook you up with a real Thai surgeon so that you will know everything you need to know about a mid facelift and other related procedures. From end to end, our friendly staff will be on standby to assist you and make sure that everything runs according to your liking.

What Having A Mid-Facelift Is About

As its name suggests, a mid facelift focuses on the middle portion of your face. This is done to fix eye bags, remedy the hollowness in the upper area of your cheeks, and fix imposing nasal folds. Because the mid facelift targets only a specific area, it is considered to be less invasive as compared to a full facelift. You are also less likely to encounter complications, and you will recover faster and see results sooner.

The procedure takes about one to two hours to complete but you will be required to stay an extra night at the hospital after surgery. It is usually performed under general anesthetic which means you will be asleep and free of pain for the duration of the operation.

How A Mid Facelift Is Performed

A mid facelift involves small but deep incisions into the muscle tissue of the face which allows your surgeon to tighten and reposition the muscle and fat tissue underneath in order to achieve a smoother and tighter appearance to the central part of your face. After that, your surgeon sutures the incisions shut.

To make the procedure easier and faster to do, your surgeon can use an endoscope, or a lighted optical device that is attached to an extending limb. This is inserted into the incisions, enabling your surgeon to view the operation from the inside. This specific procedure is called an endoscopic mid facelift.

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What To Expect After Your Mid-Facelift

The side effects of the procedure are the same as those of a traditional facelift. There will be some soreness, bruising, numbness and swelling. These are normal and usually minor. Medication prescribed by your surgeon will help you manage these discomforts.

In rare instances, nerve damage, infection and bleeding problems may occur. Sometimes, a follow-up procedure may be needed to make corrections to the treated areas.

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Preparations & Post-Procedure Care For Your Mid Face Lift

While your surgeon’s expert execution is vital, the success of your mid facelift also very much depends on how you prepare for surgery and how you conduct yourself after.

During consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your readiness to undergo surgery. You will be given dietary tips to help you get ready. You will be asked to regulate or stop altogether the intake of certain medicines, vitamins and other supplements. If you are a smoker and a habitual alcohol drinker, you will be asked to refrain from these at least two weeks before your surgery.

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After the operation, adequate rest and a proper diet are crucial to help speed up the healing process. Following closely your surgeon’s advice on medication and proper care for your wounds and the affected areas are also very important. You should be up and about a couple of days after the procedure. And although you will be asked to stay away from heavy lifting and other strenuous activities for an extended period, you should be able to return to work after about a week.

We’ll Help With Your Mid Face Lift

A Mini Facelift in Thailand – and most other procedures – can cost up to 70% less than what they cost in places like America, Australia, England, Sweden, Denmark and elsewhere. At the same time, the quality of medical care you’ll get is on par with the the safe, modern care you would expect in the West – and in some cases it’s better here. On top of that, you get our help for FREE.

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  • We’ll advise on travel, transfer and accommodations
  • We’ll be here to answer questions, we’ll be here to help out while you’re here and we’ll be here if you have questions or concerns after you return home

If you decide that a Mid Face Lift is for you, then we’re here to help coordinate with everyone concerned to make this entire experience not only a success in terms of your personal results and your happiness with your new body, but also a memorable and positive trip on its own.  We’re here to take the mystery out of coming to Thailand for plastic surgery, so let us help you with exactly that!

You can contact us by filling out the form on this page, calling us or emailing us at info@destinationbeauty.com.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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