Thailand Breast Augmentation

From 95000 THB

Quality breast implants from only AUD 3100

Breast augmentation in Thailand is a safe, affordable and easily accessible option for those wanting to boost their bra size. The professional team at Destination Beauty guides you every step of the way, from your free evaluation with one of our plastic surgeons, right until the post-procedure stage where you’re standing in front of the mirror thinking about what tops you’ll buy!

There are numerous benefits to getting your breast implants in Thailand with us, including:

  1. Your procedure costs up to 70% less – most clients from Australia, New Zealand, the US and across the world save nearly $6,000. We also have effective payment plans in place for further financial assistance
  2. You’ll only need one night in hospital – meaning you can begin your recovery quickly and start your vacation
  3. You get to spend 2 weeks in lovely Thailand –you’ll experience amazing sights and sounds that have captivated the world

At Destination Beauty, we match a surgeon that works best with your needs and schedule. They, alongside our qualified team of professionals, will make sure you are comfortable and fully-informed throughout the entire breast augmentation process.

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Below you will find the before and after results of Anna, who had her breast augmentation in Thailand a few months ago. Anna had lost 25 kgs and her breast were sagging. Dr. Kasemsak had a solution to that! 325cc high profile implant over the muscle. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

breast augmentation thailand

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