Breast Surgery in Thailand

Breast Surgery in Thailand:

Our most common breast surgery procedure is our breast augmentation surgery. This surgery adds more volume to your breast by adding a silicone breast implant under or above your breast muscle. If you nipple have fallen more than 2.5 cm or if your breast are very sagging you are likely a candicate for a breast lift. Sometimes a breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation surgery, to lift your breast and to add volume at the same time. Breast reduction is a surgery where some of your breast tissue is removed to make your breast smaller.

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Breast surgery is by far the most popular procedure of all plastic surgeries performed in Thailand. To give an example of a before and after picture of breast surgery, here a breast augmentation surgery performed on our client Anna who had a 325cc silicone implant interted above her muscle. Anna had lost 25 kgs and even though she is a young lady her breast were sagging, that was before she met dr. Kasemsak one of our highly skilled plastic surgeons at Destination Beauty @ BNH plastic surgery center. The result below speaks for itself. CLICK HERE to read Anna’s full story.

Breast Surgery Thailand


Best Candidates for Breast Surgery in Thailand

Generally, breast surgery is preferable if you are in good health, physically active, and maintain a sensible diet. You should also be emotionally well-adjusted and have a thorough understanding of the procedure, as well as realistic expectations about its results.

If you have a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, drug abuse and alcohol dependence, you may not be a suitable candidate for breast surgery.

Also, while the procedures can be done on women at any age, it is recommended that you wait until your breasts are fully developed before considering operation. If you plan to raise a family, you may also do well to wait until after you’ve had children.

Your overall fitness for operation will be evaluated by your surgeon during consultation.

Breast Augmentation in Thailand

Breast augmentation surgery, also known as augmentation mammaplasty, involves the use of implants to achieve fuller breasts or to restore volume lost following pregnancy or weight loss. Breast Implants in Phuket, Bangkok and everywhere, are generally categorized according to the material used to fill them, their surface texture, shape, and profile. Your surgeon should be able to recommend which implant is best suited to your needs.

The operation is normally takes one to two hours to finish and is performed under general anesthetic so you are pain-free during the entire surgery. It is an outpatient procedure and you will be required to stay an extra night at the hospital after the surgery.

Before ↓After ↓

Before ↓After ↓

Breast Lift in Thailand

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, raises and firms the breast through the removal of excess skin and the tightening of the surrounding tissue in order to reshape and support the new breast contour. The procedure does not increase the size of your breasts but it can be done in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery for fuller results.

The operation normally takes two to three hours to complete for both breasts. It is usually carried out under general anesthetic and it is an inpatient procedure so you will have to stay an extra night at the hospital after surgery.

Breast Reduction in Thailand

Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin. This is done to achieve a breast size that is in proportion to the rest of your body and to alleviate discomfort caused by excessively large breasts.

As with breast augmentation and breast lift, breast reduction is an inpatient procedure and is carried out under general anesthetic. It usually takes two to four hours to complete.

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After Your Breast Surgery

There are normal and minor side effects associated with breast surgery. Some of them are soreness, bruising, altered sensation on the nipples and breast skin, numbness, and scarring. If you have questions about what else to expect during the recovery period, be sure to ask your surgeon.

Your surgeon will give you specific instructions on how to care for your breasts after the surgery. You will also be given prescription medication to manage your discomfort.

Recovery time varies from patient to patient although you are expected to be up and about after a couple of days after surgery. You will most probably be advised to refrain from heavy lifting, strenuous activities, and exposing your breasts to harsh contact for several weeks following your operation.

Results of breast surgeries, whether it’s a Boob Job in Bangkok or a Nipple Reduction in Thailand or Breast Enlargement in Phuket – or anything, are often successful and sometimes even dramatic. They can be noticed right away but full results are usually seen when healing is complete, which is about after several months.

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