Bangkok Hospital Phuket Plastic Surgery Pricelist

 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Main Procedures From
Breast Augmentation up to 400 cc115,000$4,684$5,108
Tummy Tuck160,000$6,517$7,107
Vaser Liposuction to upper or lower abdomen135,000$5,499$5,997
Breast Lift150,000$6,110$6,663
M/L Face and Neck Lift160,000$6,517$7,107
Nose Job150,000$6,110$6,663
 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Breast Procedure From
Breast Augmentation115,000$4,684$5,108
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation140000$5,702$6,219
Breast Augmentation with internal lifting160000$6,517$7,107
Breast Correction175000$7,128$7,773
Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift190000$7,739$8,440
Breast Lift150000$6,110$6,663
Breast Reduction with implants240000$9,775$10,661
Areola Correction/ 1 side20000$815$888
Body Procedure From
Mini Tummy Tuck160000$6,517$7,107
Tummy Tuck160000$6,517$7,107
Extended Tummy Tuck190000$7,739$8,440
Arm Lift130000$5,295$5,774
Thigh Lift180000$7,332$7,995
Buttock Lift160000$6,517$7,107
Circumforential Body Lift340000$13,849$15,102
Vaser Liposuction per area90000$3,666$3,998
Face Procedure From
Endoscopic forehead lift130000$5,295$5,774
Endoscopic brow lift110000$4,480$4,886
M/L face and neck lift160000$6,517$7,107
Lower face and neck lift140000$5,702$6,219
Upper or Lower Eyelid Surgery30000$1,222$1,333
Nose Surgery150000$6,110$6,663
 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Dental From
prophylaxis / cleaning1,500$61$67
Paranoramic x-ray700$29$31
Porcelain veneer12000$489$533
Extraction per tooth1500$61$67
Wisdom tooth removal (soft tissue impaction)3000$122$133
Amalgam filling ( 1 surface )300$12$13
Root canal , 1 canal (X-ray included, periapical)8000$326$355
Implant per tooth35000$1,426$1,555
Zoom whitening (advance )10000$407$444

Our prices are fully inclusive, including consultation, surgery, medicine, implants and 1-4 nights in private room at Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

****Surgery is paid for in Thai Baht currency (AUD and NZD values are only approximate).