Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Change your life in Thailand with affordable and quality plastic surgery

When it comes to looking and feeling your absolute best, you should not have to spend your life’s savings. Destination Beauty offers a cost-effective alternative, with our excellent Thailand cosmetic surgery!

From our bases in Bangkok, our trained and friendly professionals work with you to provide a range of services:

We do everything we can to ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process, from your free plastic surgery evaluation to your appointment, and anything else you need in between.

It’s easy to begin your Thailand plastic surgery journey

Destination Beauty has been able to help people from Australia, New Zealand and all over the world to look fantastic, and improve their confidence and their way of life! We want to help you too, that’s why we’ve made it so simple to get started on your plastic surgery journey in Phuket or Bangkok:

  1. Contact us – call us on AU (02) 8417 2428 or TH +66 2627 7414  or fill in the contact form on this page.
  2. Submit your Free Evaluation – simply fill in our online form and submit pictures. Pictures can be emailed to or you can email your personal Rep.
  3. Leave it to us – someone from our team will then be in touch with you with your recommendation from our surgeon, including a price quote for your plastic surgery in Thailand. Once you have our OK, you can book your appointment and book your travel; something we can also help you with! We also hold monthly group tours, so that you can meet like-minded people and make sure you’re never alone on the journey!

Others who have benefited from our Bangkok and Phuket plastic surgery

Anna, is a young woman who lost 25 kgs and lost her breast volume in the process. She had breast implant surgery at Destination Beauty @ BNH plastic surgery center in Bangkok, Thailand. Anna’s surgery cost THB 99,000 or approx AUD 3100 CLICK HERE to read Anna’s full breast implants thailand review.

plastic surgery thailand

 above: Anna before and after CLICK HERE to read her story

Katrina, 41, is a mother of 4 from Brisbane in Australia. She visited Destination Beauty for a breast augmentation, mini tummy tuck and liposuction, and as you can see achieved fantastic results. In Australia, her estimated costs for these procedures would be $30,000; however in Thailand she paid a total of $8,100. With a saving of more than 70%, a complete change of lifestyle, plus an opportunity to meet many new friends and explore our beautiful country, Katrina’s life has been enriched in many ways.

Plastic Surgery Thailand

Hailing from the land of the long white cloud, New Zealander Julie came to our Thailand clinic for cosmetic surgery with only 4 days of notice. She explained, “one of my teeth bridges fell out and replacing it in New Zealand would cost $5300, I wanted to get a facelift for some years and knew it was time to make ME look and feel better. Toey from Destination Beauty helped me all the way, and Dr. Bhumsak, my Thai plastic surgeon who did my full facelift and upper and lower eyelid surgery, did an excellent job! I look how I feel – refreshed! I paid AUD 8700/NZD 11300, back home I would have paid minimum 3 times as much!”

Plastic Surgery Thailand

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